Kagaribi #7: Priority Registration for International Players

Priority Registration for International Players (Foreign players that wants to come to Japan)


Based on Kagaribi #7’s accreditation as a SWT PLATINUM and the fact that overseas travel restrictions have been eased, we will adopt a policy of actively accepting overseas players. Japanese tournaments are said to have high application hurdles for foreign players. We will establish a priority registration period to enable overseas players who wish to participate in Japanese competitive scene to do so.


Eligible applicants can apply in advance during the priority application period for international players. Players who wish to use this service should DM Kagaribi Twitter account You can contact us on the tournament Discord for travel and hotel information.


OrionRank Eclipse Top 100 https://liquipedia.net/smash/OrionRank


From March 28th, 2022
Until All Slots Sold

For any questions for comments, please feel free to contact us through our twitter account