Kagaribi#5 Press Release [EN]

Ota City, Tokyo – On 26-27th, June, 2021, hundreds of players in the venue and thousands of Smash fans via livestream witnessed the reignition of the competitive Smash scene in Japan, on the stage of Kagaribi#4.

“Kagaribi” (篝火, lit. “Bonfire”) is one of the biggest grassroots, user-run Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the pandemic era in Japan. This brand pursues competitiveness in open tournaments and functions of offline tournaments as a rite to empower the community. Kagaribi is held about every quarter.

The fifth iteration of this tournament is going to be held in 2 days at HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN, Tokyo. On the first day, the bracket will progress from Top 512 to Top 96. Registration is necessary. Details and registration will be found at smash.gg/kagaribi05. The official Twitter account @kagaribi_smash will provide more information.

Kagaribi#5 Livestream

EGS YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb5H3-n9s7mqsX0Fr7ADKLg

VGBC Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp

Kagaribi#5 Schedule (JST, UTC+9. There might be a change in schedule.)

[Day 1]
11:30 am-2:45 pm
Top512 Wave A 

4:45 pm-8:00pm
Top 512 Wave B

[Day 2]
Top 96

Top 32 

Top 8

Kagaribi PR: Yuji “Tempra” Aida